contracts & costs

what does piquano cost?

Our service does not cost you anything. The project briefing and the search for the right advisor are free for you. Only when you decide to work with a consultant do we charge a commission. This is between 10 and 20% of the daily rate.

who is my contract partner?

As a rule, you can sign up for the consultant directly. In this case you also negotiate the conditions and contract contents directly. If, instead, you prefer to use our experience in coordinating, controlling and billing your project, we are happy to be your contractual partner.

what are the daily rates??

The daily rates of our consultants, project and interim managers are - depending on the task - between 1,000 and 3,500 EUR. In addition to the function, the duration of the project as well as the extent of the responsibility for the goals to be assumed have an influence on the amount of the daily rate.

Our cooperation

Successful partnerships always start with mutual trust.
Therefore, a transparent contract design is particularly important to us.

What benefits does piquano bring me?
The market for consultants, project and interim managers is confusing. Companies that start to search for the right candidate by themselves - eg. through Google, supplier directories or Internet platforms - are facing a task that can hardly be solved. piquano supports you as a neutral partner in the search and pre-selection.

With 20+ years of experience in purchasing consulting services, we help you to find the right provider for your individual situation. We support you in the definition of the scope, in the preparation of a professional project briefing and in the pre-selection of suitable candidates. With piquano, you can reduce your search effort to just a few hours. As a result, you will find your consultant faster and can start the project sooner.

How to find us

consultnet GmbH 

Parkweg 17

85659 Forstern

Email: support@piquano.com

Phone: +49 8124 910064

Fax: +49 8124 910069