What does it actually cost
to place an interim manager?
Most providers charge a commission for their work. With our commission calculator, you can work out with example-commission-rates what additional costs could incur if your provider charges such commissions. You can also see the savings you can make in such a case by using piquano.
Commission Calculator
If you enter your own values into our calculator, you will see a projection of the commission your provider might be chargeing on top of the daily rate. We also show you in the calculation how high your savings could be in such a case if you carry out the search request via piquano.
daily rates (indication)
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Working Days   Days
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How to use the calculator
Daily rate: the amount of the daily rate that the manager costs in purchasing (without commission). You can see an indication of the usual daily rates by clicking the button above.
Working days: the total number of days the manager will work on the project
Commission in %: 25% surcharge on the daily rate is usual. You can change the value by clicking in the field.
Amount of the commission: this is the amount you pay for the pure mediation work of the contracted provider.
Your plan: You can choose between Recruiter, Corporate and Enterprise.
You save: this is the amount you save when you use piquano for search and placement.