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piquano is changing the way HR consultants and clients find each other. With processes that staff decision makers know and value. These include professional recruiting tools as well as competence and passion for the job.

Your access to HR projects

The free piquano Recruiter portal gives you access to new projects. With just a few mouse clicks, you can apply for a project there. On request, you can make adjustments to the profile of each project or upload an individual PDF document.

What happens with my data? Do not worry! We do not simply pass on your information to our clients. After your application, your documents will first be checked by the responsible recruiting manager. If we are convinced that your profile fits well, we will call you and personally coordinate the following process with you.

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Transparency and overview

Are you sometimes annoyed that you do not receive any feedback on the status of your application? Not anymore. You can always see the current status of your application in the free piquano recruiting portal. As soon as a client has read and evaluated your application, this status is updated automatically. Invitations to interviews or cancellations can also be found here.

And what about privacy? We have fully implemented the EU GDPR. In your profile you will find your approval for every single application. These can be reversed on request at any time. Your data is then completely invisible. If necessary, you can even deposit the "desire to be forgotten" there. Then your data will be deleted in accordance with the regulations. More information can be found in our privacy policy.

Register with LinkedIn

Creating and maintaining your manager profile has never been so easy. Just sign in with your LinkedIn account. We automatically take over your profile data and put it in the right place in your piquano profile.

You do not have an account on LinkedIn? No problem. Just upload a PDF or Word document. Our parsing software reads all relevant information from your profile and creates your manager profile with this data. The collection of data was yesterday!

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what does piquano cost?

Using piquano - including your online profile - costs you nothing. If a company orders you directly or through us, we charge the client a commission. Your own daily rate remains unchanged.

who is my contract partner?

As a rule, we take you directly under contract and on our part conclude a project contract with the client. Alternatively, the contract may also be concluded on a case by case basis directly with the contracting company (at its request).

how much is my effort?

In short, creating a manager profile on an online platform has never been easier. We use a current parsing algorithm that automatically creates your profile. You just upload a PDF - our software does the rest.

your advantages with piquano

specialized acquisition channel for HR managers

piquano works without wastage. We are the contact person for the personnel departments and provide only HR consultants, HR project and interim managers. Therefore, our customers value us as a professional partner for HR consulting and HR projects.

direct contact with clients

We are your door opener and bring you into direct contact with your future clients. Throughout the recruiting process we are your partner and coach available - with maximum self-determination on your side. You alone decide when and with whom you contact.

automatic creation of your manager profile

We put an end to the time-consuming entry of CVs in databases. Our parsing software reads all the information from your CV (pdf, doc, docx) and automatically transfers it to your profile. When registering for the first time, you can even have your profile information transferred from LinkedIn.

free use of the recruiting portal

In your recruiting portal, you can always view the current status of your application and contact us. So you have - regardless of our personal availability or business hours - always the full transparency of the placement process.

personal care by our partners

piquano is much more than just an internet platform. Each consultant, project or interim manager is looked after by a personal account manager as part of the entire placement process. We are always happy to advise you on all questions concerning your next project.

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